Language and Cultural Immersion

Live with a Brazilian host family, take accelerated courses, and get immersed in Brazil’s rich culture! With highly customized program options, we will strive to meet your requirements. Our team of qualified instructors and host families will make sure you feel welcomed!

Our services

Accelerated courses

Highly customized course options that may include 5 classroom instructions for 4 hours a day.

Homestay program

Experience life in Brazil by living with a local host family. It’s a great chance to practice Portuguese.

Out-of-class activities

These activities intend to immerse our students into the life, customs, culture and history of Brasília.

Weekend excursions

Pack for the weekend to experience the best of historical cities and natural sites close to Brasília.

Program overview

We are able to ensure that all your needs and requirements can be met. Bellow you can find information on curriculum and instruction, tuition, transportation, housing, food, and other logistical aspects of the program.

Our Language and Cultural Immersion Program focuses on creating an environment that will allow students of every level of proficiency to experience the Portuguese language authentically. Throughout this task-based program, students will experience, understand, and ultimately draw connections between the themes discussed in class and real-world applications.

Our methodology is based on the communicative approach to language teaching, which aims to develop language skills through useful communication, the exchange of experiences, and positive interpersonal relationships between native and non-native speakers.

This project is divided into weeks and can be modified if needed. Details of the program can be adjusted, removed, or added according to the need of the Partner Institution. Each week is designed to provide students with knowledge about:

  • Week 1: history and culture of Brasília.
  • Week 2: Brazilian society.
  • Week 3: Brazilian art and literature.
  • Week 4: popular movements in Brazil (traditional festivals, folklore, music, and culinary).

We can offer a customized program option according to the needs of our Partner Institution. Our standard 4-week Immersion Program includes:

  • 5 days of classroom instruction per week;
  • 4 hours per day of classroom instruction from Monday to Friday;
  • 16 out-of-class activities that may include city tours, guided visits to museums, art galleries and parks, among others;
  • 2-weekend excursions to:


Pirenópolis: a historical town where participants can gain a glimpse of the history and culture of Goiás. The excursion includes accommodation in a charming inn, nearby colonial-era buildings, waterfall swimming, and trails with beautiful cerrado landscapes.


Vila Brasil - Língua e Cultura | Português para estrangeiros

Alto Paraíso: a town which attracts many followers of mysticism, natural therapies, and spiritualism. The exuberant natural landscape has mountains, canyons, waterfalls, crystal mines, and wildflowers. In town there are more than 40 mystical, philosophical, and religious groups, transforming it into what locals like to call The Brazilian Capital of the Third Millennium.

  • Students currently enrolled in Partner Institutions (Want to become a Partner Institution?);
  • Students must come in groups of 4 to 10 people. Individual students will not be accepted;
  • Students must be 18-year old or older.

If you are a student currently enrolled in one of our partner institutions, please contact your institution to get more information about the application.


Language and Cultural Immersion Program | Brasilia, Brazil

Home to impressive architecture, Brasília is an official UNESCO World Heritage site. Brasília won the title of the third gastronomic center of Brazil! What about the sky? No other city in Brazil has such a beautiful sky as Brasília! Also, here you can find people from all over the country, a mixture of cultures and accents! Brasília is also one of the safest cities in Brazil with a high quality of life.


Vila Brasil has carefully selected families who are interested in providing a friendly, supportive and welcoming home environment for students. We believe homestay gives students a great opportunity to practice their Portuguese naturally outside the classroom.

Therefore, all students will be placed into a homestay with a local host family to encourage cultural and linguistic immersion. The homestays are located near the school and the students will have their own room.


Our standard Immersion Program includes a half board homestay which includes breakfast and dinner on weekdays and breakfast, lunch and dinner on the weekends when the students aren’t traveling. In addition, the out-of-class activities fee includes lunches at different restaurants around the city.


Our standard Immersion program has a full schedule and students should expect to spend most of their time in Brasília to partake in the program and its complementary activities. In their free time, students are encouraged to explore all the city has to offer and spend time with their host families.

The program includes various out-of-class activities, weekend excursions, and cultural activities that will help the students practice their Portuguese and deepen their understanding of Brasilia and Brazilian culture.

Past activities have included:

Language and Cultural Immersion Program | Brasilia, Brazil

Volunteering work at Partner Non-Governmental Organizations.

Guided tour at Itamaraty (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Concert of the Symphonic Orchestra of Brasília.

“Civic Tour” around the Three Powers Plaza.

Traditional meal with samba performance.

Guided tour at the National Congress.

City night tour including Alvorada Palace, JK Bridge, Esplanada dos Ministérios, and Clube de Choro (Brazilian music performance).

Visit to Memorial Joselino Kubischek and SMU (a millitary residencial area).

Spiritual Tour, including the cathedral and Dom Bosco Sanctuary.

Trip to Pirenópolis, Goiás.

Pontão (leisure area), Honesto Guimarães bridge, Praça dos Orixás, Nossa Senhora de Fátima church, Superquadra Asa Sul (a symbolic residencial area).

Visits to the Live Museum of the  Candango Memory and Catetinho (first official residence of President Juscelino Kubitschek).

Lago Norte area with a visit to mosaics/art of Athos Bulcao at Hospital Sarah Kubischek and meeting with a poet from Brasília, Nikolaus Behr.

A trip to Alto Paraíso, Goiás.

Walking Tour at Praça do Buriti & surroundings (administrative area of the Federal District).

Prices are in US dollars and refer to our standard Immersion Program. If you need a customized program, please contact us.

4-week Standard Immersion Program

Fee per student
Includes tuition, housing, 16 out-of-class activities + lunches and 2-weekend excursions.

  • High season: $4586
  • Low season: $4468

School Tuition

(prices per student)

Included in the tuition fees
20 Lessons of 60 minutes per week
Course material
Placement test
End-of-course report

  • Registration fee: $70
  • 4-week Portuguese course (4-10 students): $1000 ($250/week)

Homestay accomodation

(prices per student)

  • 4-week homestay with half-board + airport pick up: $1400/week ($350/week)
    • Breakfast, dinner and weekend lunches will be provided by the family.

Out-of-class activities and excursions

(prices per student)

  • 16 out-of-class activities + lunches: $1040 ($65/activity)
  • Weekend excursion to Pirenopolis
    • High season: $493
    • Low season: $430
  • Weekend excursion to Alto Paraiso
    • High season: $583
    • Low season: $528

Other services

(prices per group)

  • Transportation: $3950
    • Homestay – School – Homestay
      School – After-class activities
      School – Weekend excursions

Immersion Program 2018

Linguistic and Cultural Program

Linguistic and Cultural Program
Linguistic and Cultural Program
Linguistic and Cultural Program


We will be willing to discuss the details of our programs in person or online. At this point we would like to provide you with general answers to some frequently asked questions.

Details of our Immersion program can be adjusted, removed, or added according to the need of the Partner Institution.

You can check the educational background of our faculty here.

We will provide all necessary information prior to the group’s arrival, including an orientation guide, schedules, out-of-class activities list, and information about the host families.

Our rooms are equipped with tables, comfortable chairs, a whiteboard, and a multimedia area. Each classroom is also Wi-Fi enabled. The facility is located in central Brasília and is easily accessible; it has been selected with the needs and comfort of our students in mind.

Portuguese classesPortuguese classes

Vila Brasil’s accommodation staff has carefully selected families who are interested in providing a friendly, supportive and welcoming home environment for students. We believe homestay gives the students a great opportunity to experience life in Brazil by living with a Portuguese speaking host family.

The host families selected can provide two different meal plans:

  • Half board

Host families will provide breakfast, dinner and weekend lunches.

  • Full board

Families will provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the whole program.

All meals are included in the weekend excursions and out-of-class activities fees.

Yes, in our Immersion Program the host families are in charge of transporting the exchange student to and from the airport.

Yes, we will be able to provide transportation to all organized out-of-class activities if requested by the Partner Institution.

Yes, all host families need to provide wifi connection in order to participate in our Immersion Program.

Yes, the Brazilian Government requires Student Visa applicants to enroll in a 15-hour per week course in order to receive the document. Therefore, students enrolled in our standard Immersion program qualify to apply for a Student Visa.

Yes, Vila Brasil has a 24 hour per day emergency contact number to assist the exchange students any time they need.

Students must purchase an international health insurance prior to their arrival. The school and the host families’ homes are located near two Hospital Sectors in the city.

Need more information? Contact us.

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