Translation services

We work with mostly any documents and without limits of size, and we charge by word translated. We translate minutes, reports, contracts, professional and personal documents such as diplomas, resumés, certificates and school records, websites or any other desired text.

What we offer



Translation is the transcription of a text in Portuguese into another language. We work with English and Spanish documents.


Version is the transcription of a text in another language into Portuguese. We work with English and Spanish documents.



Why is it important to hire a specialized service?

Translating a text is not just translating words from one language to another. Depending on the type of document, the purpose of the text or the social context in which it is inserted, the work of the translation professional demands attention to the vocabular adaptations, so that the final text is faithful to the content of the original and, at the same time, adapted to the sociocultural needs of the target language.


  • Translation: R$0.20 per word.
  • Version: R$0.30 per word.
  • Proofread: R$0.10 per word.

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