Celpe-Bras online

Our Celpe-Bras online course is individual. Throughout the course, students have oral and written tasks, and interactions through ZOOM.


You will have a teacher guiding you throughout the course and sending feedback from all the activities you do.


At the end of each course unit, you will participate in a videoconference to simulate a face-to-face interaction according to the test.

Qualified team

All teachers have extensive experience in preparing students to take the Celpe-Bras exam.

What is Celpe-Bras?

It is the Certificate of Proficiency of Portuguese for Foreigners that usually happens twice a year. You can take it in all regions of Brazil and abroad. The candidate is evaluated through written and oral tasks that contemplate various subjects of daily life.

Our programs

Program 1

R$ 995

1 week for free!

Strategies for Celpe-Bras
22 written tasks
12 oral tasks
7 ZOOM conferences
Duration: 7 weeks
Payment via Paypal

Program 2

R$ 745

1 week for free!

Strategies for Celpe-Bras
18 written tasks
8 oral tasks
5 ZOOM conferences
Duration: 5 weeks
Payment via Paypal

Program 3

R$ 395

1 week for free!

Strategies for Celpe-Bras
9 written tasks
4 oral tasks
3 ZOOM conferences
Duration: 3 weeks
Payment via Paypal

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